the differences between gas and electric golf carts

Exploring the Differences Between Gas and Electric Golf Carts

Choosing between gas-powered and electric golf carts is par for the course. Exploring the differences between gas and electric golf carts can help you make an informed decision.

Why invest in a golf cart?

Before we take a swing at the differences between gas and electric golf carts, let’s address the why of purchasing a golf cart in the first place. Besides being used by avid golfers, golf carts are handy and fun.

For example, traveling to your local store to grab groceries, taking the kids on an evening cruise around the neighborhood, tending to your garden and other neighborhood tasks are made easy with a golf cart of your own.

So, once you decide to invest in a golf cart, it’s time to figure out what type is best for you and your situation.

About gas-powered golf carts

Gas-powered golf carts typically have more power and torque than electric ones, allowing them to tackle hilly terrain and rough paths.

Another benefit of gas golf carts is they have an unlimited range as long as you add gas! Gas carts can go longer distances without needing to be recharged, making them ideal for traveling greater distances.

Finally, refilling a gas tank is quick and easy, making it faster than waiting for a recharge. However, something to consider is one of the main differences between gas and electric golf carts.

Gas engines require regular maintenance, such as oil changes and spark plug replacements, once every 100 hours or once a year.

About electric golf carts

Electric carts, on the other hand, require little to no maintenance, depending on the battery you choose. In general, most electric golf carts only need a monthly battery check. Overall, an electric cart has a yearly lower cost of maintenance than a gas-powered cart because of fuel expenses alone.

What’s more, electric golf carts are quieter and produce zero emissions, making for a peaceful and eco-friendly neighborhood cruising experience.

And with proper charging, you can have enough juice to accomplish your task, whether golfing or running quick errands. But remember to let the golf cart battery properly discharge and recharge for optimal performance and longevity.


With the differences between gas and electric golf carts now in front of you, have you decided which is for you? Are you still unsure? Don’t worry! Come in with your additional questions about gas and electric golf carts and our knowledgeable team will happily answer them. In the meantime, explore your golf cart options with The Cart Source, located at 20975 US Highway 280 in Dadeville.

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