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5 Top Golf Cart Features

The range of golf cart owners is expanding well beyond golfers. Hence, the design and needs are continuously evolving. If you are investing in a leisure golf cart, consider these five top golf cart features as you start searching.

Lift kit vs. stock height  

Depending on your terrain and the style of ride you want, choosing between lifted or stock height is a good starting point. Standard golf carts generally come with tires that are 18 inches tall.

However, a lift kit could add three to eight inches of height. The extra height is ideal for rough or uneven terrain, for example, offering a stable riding stance with larger tires on your cart.

Comfortable seating

Often overlooked but very important are comfortable or custom seats! From upholstery and cushion to leg room, comfort is a plus for drivers and passengers alike. Seats come in varying materials, including leather, soft-touch imitation leather, vinyl and more.

What’s more, some models, such as the 2024 Star EV Sirius, feature independent, coil-over, front and rear suspension for an improved, smooth ride—elevating rider comfort.

Battery options

Models with a long-lasting battery can provide hours of use without being charged. Lithium-ion batteries are typically a good option, offering superior power and a quick charging time—like the brand-new allied lithium battery with an eight-year warranty in our 2020 Yamaha Drive2 four-passenger cart.

Additionally, investing in a golf cart with a powerful battery provides more flexibility. Drive in inclement weather, on varying terrain and with heavy cargo backed by a good battery. Buying a new battery is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to get more performance from your golf cart.


The lighting possibilities are endless, from headlights and taillights to under glow and LED bars! If you want to light up the streets, dirt roads or beaches, shine bright with custom light.

Ample storage

Next on the list of top golf cart features is ample storage. Whether you are toting groceries, supplies or innertubes at the lake or beach, having plenty of space to store your things and comfortably accommodate drivers and passengers is essential.

Select models, such as the 2024 Star EV Capella, come with coolers found under the seats for convenience. Along with built-in coolers, additional storage upgrades include front baskets, the StarGo Box—a “collapse and attach” utility box—and roof racks.


From colors and lift kits to sound systems and lighting, embrace the excitement and freedom of a golf cart. Visit your local experts and authorized Star dealer to learn more about your options. You can find The Cart Source at 20975 US Highway 280 in Dadeville. Connect with us on Facebook to double-check our hours and see our inventory!

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